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AuditDate IssuedAudit Number
Agriculture Department of Agriculture 12-20142014-131
Insurance, Financial Institutions, And Professional Registration Division of Professional Registration State Board of Pharmacy 12-20142014-130
Dallas County 12-20142014-129
Thirty-Ninth Judical Circuit City of Kimberling Municipal Division 12-20142014-128
Scott County 12-20142014-127
Public Safety Missouri State Highway Patrol's Use of Highway Funds Year Ended June, 30 2014 12-20142014-126
Osage County 12-20142014-125
Follow-Up On Audit Findings First Judicial Circuit Clark County 12-20142014-124
Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Cass County 12-20142014-123
Worth County 12-20142014-122
Thirty-Seventh Judicial Circuit City of West Plains Municipal Division 12-20142014-121
Iron County 12-20142014-120
Clinton County 12-20142014-119
Follow-Up Report On Audit Findings Webster County Procurement Procedures and County Clerk 12-20142014-118
Follow-Up Report On Audit Findings Morgan County 12-20142014-117
Follow-Up Report On Audit Findings Fifth Judicial Circuit Buchanan County 12-20142014-116
Missouri Veterans Commission - VA Claim Filing Assistance 11-20142014-115
Follow-Up On Audit Report Findings Hickman Mills C-1 School District 11-20142014-114
Howell County 11-20142014-113
Follow-Up Report On Audit Findings Forty-Second Judicial Circuit City of Bourbon Municipal Division 11-20142014-112
Urban Community Leadership Academy Charter School Closure 11-20142014-111
Renaissance Academy for Math and Science of Missouri, Inc. Charter School Closure 11-20142014-110
Miller County 11-20142014-109
Follow-Up Report On Audit Findings Ash Grove R-IV School District 11-20142014-108
Follow-Up Report On Audit Findings Eleventh Judicial Circuit City of New Melle Municipal Division 11-20142014-107