Auditor Galloway releases closeout audit of Secretary of State's Office

Audit completed to assist in transition process for newly elected officeholder
June 28, 2017

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway has released a closeout audit of the Secretary of State's Office. Article IV, Section 14 of the Missouri Constitution establishes the duties of the Secretary of State to (1) be custodian of the state seal, (2) keep a register of the official acts of the governor, (3) be custodian of records and documents, and (4) perform such duties in relation to elections and corporations as provided by law.

The audit noted improvements after a 2016 report found electronic payments were allocated incorrectly between funds. This caused about $120,000 to be deposited into the state's General Revenue Fund instead of the Secretary of State's Technology Trust Fund. While corrections were made by the previous administration for prepayments made by credit card, the report noted similar allocation errors continued to occur for prepayments by check. The issue was identified and corrected by the current administration, and an additional $13,247 has since been transferred to the correct fund.

The State Auditor's Office performs closeout audits of statewide offices to assist in transitions and ensure newly elected officials are aware of areas for improvement. A copy of the report is available online here

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