Auditor Galloway statement on veto of Senate Bill 128 public corruption legislation

Bipartisan legislation would have given law enforcement additional tools to hold officials accountable for abusing their authority
July 14, 2017

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway released the following statement on Senate Bill 128, which was vetoed by Gov. Eric Greitens. The measure provided additional authority to allow prosecuting attorneys and law enforcement agencies to request forensic audit assistance from the State Auditor's Office in cases of suspected misuse of public money or other official misconduct.

"I am disappointed the Governor vetoed Senate Bill 128. The bill contained language that was designed to assist Missouri's prosecutors and law enforcement by allowing my office to conduct audits when public corruption is suspected. It was the strongest piece of ethics legislation that made it to his desk this session. When public officials violate the public trust and steal from those they are sworn to serve, they must be held accountable."

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