Missouri State Auditor's Office provides update on lawsuit by dark money organization

February 9, 2018

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo--Today, the Missouri State Auditor's Office provided an update on the lawsuit filed by a politically-connected Kansas City law firm on behalf of Missouri Alliance for Freedom. A recent ruling by the judge in the case supports the fact that the Missouri State Auditor's Office has followed the law by closing confidential audit documents and dismissed related claims. The judge allowed Missouri Alliance for Freedom 30 days to make revisions to their lawsuit. Read the full ruling here

To date, the Missouri State Auditor's Office has provided more than 45,000 pages of documents at no charge to Missouri Alliance for Freedom in response to their broad records requests related to the audit of the Missouri Department of Revenue and communications within the Auditor's office.

Last week, the Attorney General's Office issued a report after an investigation that found neither Auditor Galloway nor her office have violated the Sunshine Law. The report also describes the timeline and tens of thousands of pages of records produced as the Auditor's office has worked to fulfill the broad records requests. Read the report here.

The State Auditor's Office released the following statement:

The order from the judge was clear and direct: the law protects confidential communications that are essential to the integrity of the audit process and to shielding whistleblower identities.

We believe that this is a frivolous lawsuit by a dark money group attempting to access confidential work papers that this office relies on to expose fraud, waste and corruption. These tactics will not succeed and will not deter Auditor Galloway from her work to protect Missouri taxpayers.

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