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Auditor Galloway issues license office audits 8/22/2017
Auditor Galloway issues progress report for Wright County Collector's office 8/17/2017
Auditor Galloway recommends increased oversight in Livingston County Court 8/17/2017
Auditor Galloway releases audit of Ray County Memorial Hospital 8/15/2017
Auditor Galloway announces the start of audit of Dade County government 8/14/2017
Auditor Galloway uncovers evidence of $90 million billing scheme at Putnam County Memorial Hospital 8/9/2017
Auditor Galloway issues closeout audit of Governor's office 8/7/2017
Auditor Galloway announces audit of state purchasing system 8/4/2017
Auditor Galloway finds low compliance in monthly report on local government finances 8/3/2017
​Auditor Galloway announces start of St. Clair County audit 8/2/2017
Auditor Galloway continues focus on fighting official misconduct legislation 7/31/2017
Auditor Galloway finds Crawford County continues to overcharge property taxes to residents 7/31/2017
Auditor Galloway announces audit of Sugar Creek Municipal Court 7/27/2017
Auditor Galloway releases audit of Daviess County government 7/27/2017
Auditor Galloway releases monthly report on Transportation Development District compliance with finance law 7/27/2017
Auditor Galloway finds lack of oversight in Knox County government 7/27/2017
Auditor Galloway hosts County Government Day 7/26/2017
Auditor Galloway releases audit of Morgan County 7/26/2017
Auditor Galloway meets with prosecutors on public corruption issues 7/25/2017
Auditor Galloway statement on veto of Senate Bill 128 public corruption legislation 7/14/2017
​Auditor Galloway says Senate Bill 112 will increase government accountability, transparency 7/12/2017
Auditor Galloway releases audit of Missouri State Lottery Commission 7/10/2017
Auditor Galloway statement on signing of Senate Bill 43 legislation to weaken whistleblower protections for public employees 6/30/2017
Auditor Galloway finds concerns with bidding, purchasing in Northwoods 6/29/2017
Auditor Galloway issues audit of Ste. Genevieve County 6/29/2017